Holding Companies

Golfeshan Development

Area of expertise: Construction and real estate development
Date Established: 1991
Number of Employee: 50+
Website: golfeshan.com

Tejarat Poyaye Hoshmand

Area of expertise: Raw chemicals import and distribution for Paint and Resin manufacturers
Date Established: 2006
Number of Employee: 18
Website: tejaratpoya.com

Irman Mehr Gostar

Area of expertise: Raw food grade chemicals import and distribution
Date Established: 2011
Number of Employee: 10
Website: irmanmg.com

Tejarat Poyaye Yutab

Area of expertise: Medical and Dental Machinery and after-sale services
Date Established: 2014
Number of Employee: 21
Website: tejaratpoya.com

Tejarat Poyaye Bastam

Area of expertise: Consumer Food and Beverage imports and distribution
Date Established: 2016
Number of Employee: 6
Website: tejaratpoya.com